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Sushant's death case grows darker, tough challenges for the CBI

Demand of CBI probe into the questionable death of Sushant Singh Rajput is increasing day after day. Central Government has already allowed CBI to investigate the FIR filed by the Patna police. But, Maharashtra Government is not in favour of CBI inquiry and hence the case is now in the Supreme Court awaiting a decision. It is being said that the way Sushant's death case has entangled it will not be easy even for the CBI to find the truth. Every day new revelations are surfacing on the media which is making the case more intriguing than it was.  Investigation done by Mumbai Police in the suspicious death of actress Jiah Khan was also questioned and the case was later handed over to CBI. Jiah's mother Rabia Khan is now in London, she has supported the demand for CBI probe into the suspicious death of Sushant Singh Rajput. She has also expressed her concern about the intentions of Mumbai police in this regard.  Rabia Khan has said, " I am not sure whether police w

Akshay Kumar donates Rs. 1 crore for Assam flood affected people

Popular Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is known for his spontaneous help in emergency situations. Be his donation to PM CARES Fund for corona pandemic or his generous attempts to help the corona warriors, Akshay Kumar is always ahead of others. In any calamity, this charismatic actor always stands by the affected people and offers his helping hand. Akshay Kumar is a Padma Shree awardee of year 2009 and has also been awarded with the best actor in the National Film Award 2017 for his exemplary performance in the Bollywood movie Rustom.  Assam is a state which is struggling with flood every year since last 70 years. Flood caused by the mighty river Brahmaputra results in loss of lives of both human and animals including huge damages to property and crops. This year Assam has witnessed the most devastating flood ever since Independence. Nearly 30 districts of Assam out of 34 have been hit by the flood where a huge number of 54 lakh people have been affected and around 80 deaths

What to do if you have diabetes in pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy is quite common a problem which needs serious attention and proper health care for the mother. Women go through several bodily changes during pregnancy and many a time their blood sugar level increases. This health condition is known as Gestational Diabetes in medical terminology. Though this disease fades away completely after delivery of the baby, it may cause some serious complexity in pregnancy.  Diabetes in pregnancy can create several negative impacts on the unborn baby. High level of blood sugar will also affect the mother's normal health. Diet becomes extremely important in case of high level of blood sugar in pregnancy. There is also high risk of immature baby and abortion for the increased level of blood sugar.  Amongst several bodily changes, blood sugar level of women also changes in pregnancy. In some pregnant women the blood sugar level increases beyond the recommended level. Women who have gained too much weight are at high risk

China patents it's first corona vaccine, will be available in markets by end of the year

The entire world is becoming restless for a working vaccine to combat with the novel corona virus pandemic. There is seemingly an unprecedented race amongst several countries to develop the corona vaccine. Russia, United States, Britain and China are leading the race ahead of other countries. Amidst the undeclared competition, China's first corona vaccine has been approved after that of Russia.  As per report of People's Daily, the largest newspaper group of China, vaccine Ad5-nCoV has been received patent rights. The vaccine has been developed in association with CanSino Biologics Inc. National Intellectual Property Administration of China has said that the patent for Ad5-nCoV has been approved on 11 August. This Chinese vaccine is currently undergoing stage-III trial in several countries and is expected a market launch by the end of this year.  Saudi Arab has said they are planning to start stage-III trial of the Chinese Vaccine in their country. CanSino Biologics

Baramulla terrorist attack kills 1 police officer and 2 CRPF personnel, search operation is on way

Jammu-Kashmir police and CRPF had jointly setup a barricade in Kreeri village area of Baramulla district, North Kashmir. Where, a group of militants opened fire on the security personnel which took away 3 lives. J & K Special police officer Mujaffar Ahmed, CRPF personnel Lokesh Sharma and Khurshid Khan have martyred in this sudden terrorist attack. On the other hand the militants escaped from the site while firing heavily.  Immediately after the mishap, the Army, Police and CRPF have cordoned off the area and is combing for the terrorists. As of now no report of encounter with the terrorists has been received.  As per police sources, the militants have suddenly attacked the joint checkpoint of CRPF personnel and J & K police on today morning. The ambush on the security personnels caused serious injury to 3 Indian soldiers. The wounded soldiers comprise one SPO from Jammu-Kashmir police and two CRPF personnel. They were immediately moved to the nearby hospital for tr

Mumbai Police books 28 Women for doing obscene acts in public place

Mumbai police on Sunday has arrested 97 people including 28 women from a Mumbai Restaurant. The arrested people have been booked on charges of doing obscene activities in public place and for violation of Covid-19 rules, reported by the Mumbai police. The women were released later in the evening, however the police have detained the Manager and 3 other staffs of the restaurant. All the arrested people belong to aristocrat families of the city.  On receipt of an undisclosed tip-off, Mumbai police have conducted a raid in Bombay Brute Restaurant situated at Link Road, Jogeswari and found that the people  were consuming alcohol, dancing and doing obscene activities. As per police officials, all the people present in the restaurant are from aristocrat families. Allegedly, the manager of the restaurant contacted the involved people and informed them that due to relaxation on lockdown they have reopened the restaurant and anybody can come now.  Senior Inspector of Oshiwara police

Bihar boy kidnaps himself and demands ransom, didn't have good phone for PUBG

A sensational incident of juvenile crime has occurred in Patna, Bihar where a school boy has faked his own kidnap and demands a ransom of Rs. 5 lac from his own mother. The accused boy is a student of standard 10 who reads in Kendriya Vidyalaya of Patna. On police interrogation the boy disclosed that he didn't have a good smartphone for playing PUBG. That's why he faked his own kidnap and demanded ransom from his mother. After purchasing the smartphone he wanted to take admission in a cricket academy.  The boy named as Gaurav has revealed to the Bihar police that he is addicted towards playing PUBG and that he has made several online friends in the infamous game. Gaurav placed an online order for a 31,000 rupees smartphone, but he did not have money to make the payment. Then he came to know that his mother had applied for a bank loan of Rs. 3,50,000 and the money was already credited into his mother's account. In order to procure the money, he has faked his own

National Digital Health Mission - PM Modi makes big announcement on 74th Independence Day

On the 74th celebration of Independence Day, PM Narendra Modi has declared the launch of National Digital Health Mission (NDHM) from Red Fort, Old Delhi today. The maverick Prime Minister has remarked that this initiative will bring a revolution in the health sector of India. Under this flagship initiative, every Indian citizen will be provided a Digital Health Card. The digital Health Card will facilitate the citizens with multifarious health benefits.  Health history of an individual pertaining to current and previous diseases, doctors who have earlier diagnosed, laboratory investigations, details of medication and treatment etc. will all be digitally recorded.  Any legitimate Indian citizen can avail this Government programme spontaneously. Sufficient measures will be incorporated in the programme to ensure privacy of the concerned individuals. Citizens availing the benefits of NDHM need not to worry about breach of privacy at all. The digital health card will relieve pe

Lumpy Skin Virus is growing rapidly, cattle are dying

Infectious disease of cattle has taken a pace and is evolving like another pandemic in Chhattisgarh, Madhya pradesh. This viral disease is known as Lumpy Skin Disease which generally attacks the livestock. About a year ago this viral disease was found in Odisha which infected a large number of cattle.  This lumpy skin virus belongs to the family of Poxviridae having Capripoxvirus as genus. Reportedly, around 109 villages of Madhya Pradesh have been affected by this cattle disease. This virus causes lumps on the skin and swelling on the joints of the cattle. The skin lumps of the cattle later turns into sores with high fever and eventually the cattle dies.  Veterinary Scientists have said that this virus spreads from cattle to cattle and is not a threat for humans. However, cattle with stronger immune can defeat this virus.  Symptoms of Lumpy Skin Virus According to the veterinary doctors, high fever and formation of skin lumps(especially on the head, neck and reproductive o

Hike in Gold Price, all you need to know about the responsible factors

Be it family or religious festival, gold is the inseparable commodity to fulfill cultural needs of Indian consumers. As tangible asset, Gold is the most desired material for making ornaments.  Traditionally Indians do not treat gold ornaments as resellable commodity. However, gold makes a crucial impact on the markets along with other dynamic factors. Moreover, gold also contributes in the supply and demand chain of the economy.  Five of the most responsible factors in determining price of gold are as below:-  Economic Uncertainty When a crisis causes a halt to the economic development then generally it affects the  equity market, global market and financial ecosystem noticeably. Due to ups and downs in the demand and supply chain, the markets become unstable and suffer remarkable uncertainty. Ups and downs in the demand and supply creates  some sort of unrests in the markets. This uncertainty compels the investors to make changes in their investment policies because they t

Man sets himself on fire to propose his girlfriend - shocking news

Some wise man once said, "Reason was never admitted into the court of love". Love is perhaps the most amazing feeling of human life. Love takes a man from eternity to a surreal world. A man who falls in love always tries to devise special ways to impress his beloved. Sometimes people resort to trickier and weird ways to propose his dearest.  A lover invents such a sensational technique that he dared to set himself on fire while proposing to his girlfriend. You probably have never seen or heard like this incident ever before. A lover who hails from Britain has set himself on fire and then proposed his girlfriend in presence of many people.  This mighty heart lover is Riky Ash who went before his girlfriend Katrina Dobson and asked her for marriage with fire on his body. This dangerous act has become viral on social media.  Riky Ash is a famous stuntman who invented this unique way to propose his fiancee. After setting himself on fire, Riky knelt down before Katrina

Corona Virus found in Chicken, people who recovered tested positive yet again

China has just claimed that frozen chicken wings imported from Brazil contains deadly corona virus. In the last week it was reported that Sea fish Jhinga imported from Equador were also found to be contaminated.  China stopped importing meats from Brazil and some other countries in the month of June. However, later on, the ban was withdrawn in anticipation that the pandemic was in control.  During their regular examination, Local Disease Control Center (CDC) of Shenzhen City collected samples of chickens which were imported from Brazil. Report came positive when the chicken samples were tested in laboratory. Officials have reported on Thursday that products and people who were in close contact with the chickens have also been examined but their report came as negative. Brazil is yet to react on the matter as of now.  Shenzhen CDC has appealed it's citizens to take sufficient safety measures while consuming any food products imported from other countries. It is to be not

These Banks are offering highest Interest rates amidst economic crisis

Usually Banks offer very negligible rate of interests against savings accounts but you can not get away without having a savings bank account for low rate of interest.  Corona virus pandemic has caused an economic crisis throughout the country. Lockdown has been imposed as the ultimate prevention of the pandemic which subsequently has affected the entire Indian markets. Thousands of people have been left jobless, a large number of trades were compelled to shut down. Accordingly, Indian Banks have also reduced their rate of interest against savings deposits. However, there are still some banks who are offering interest at the rate of 7% against savings accounts. Out of these banks some are of relatively small size and some are relatively new. Even the small finance banks are offering higher rate of interests. Let us know about such banks.  As per data collected by there are at least 10 banks who are offering better interest rates to their consumers. These are

15 Pages of Sushant's Diary have surfaced which raises more doubt on the suicide angle

Sushant Singh Rajput used to write his thoughts in a Diary, 15 pages of which have surfaced in public domain. Sushant's own words clearly shows that he had planned his career and life quite deliberately. He had chalked out a detail plan about his journey from Bollywood to Hollywood. Sushant had even recorded his plans for the year 2020. His sister Priyanka's name is found in the diary pages and besides this Sushant had also written about how to nurture one's acting career.  In one of the pages, Sushant wrote, "I want people to understand me". Quite interestingly, Sushant had drawn a pictorial representation about his needs and public presence as revealed in his diary pages. The pages have raised more doubts on the death mystery as how can a person commit suicide when he makes such detail plan for future.   In the diary pages which have just surfaced, Sushant had written about scripts of his films including bollywood and hollywood. Sushant further has w

Violence broke out in Bangaluru over communal facebook post, 3 killed, 60 injured

Facebook post creates violence in Bengaluru, 3 killed and 60 injured On Tuesday night violence broke out in DJ Halli, East Bengaluru over an objectionable facebook post. To disperse the violent mob and to take the situation under control, police used lathi-charge, tear gas and also opened fire. Reportedly 3 people have died on police firing and 60 policeman have suffered injury. The Police Commissioner of Bengaluru, Kamal Pant shared this information with media.  The incident took place in DJ Halli area of east Bangaluru. Curfew has been imposed in DJ Halli, KG Halli and Kavalbyrasandra ares till Thursday. Also section 144 has been invoked in entire Bangaluru. The Bengaluru Police Commissioner has said that the situation is now under control and they have arrested the accused P. Naveen who allegedly shared a communal post in facebook last night. CP Kamal Pant has appealed to all concerned for maintaining peace and let the law take it's own course.  Police have also arre

Daughters have equal rights on ancestral property - Ruled by Supreme Court

The Hindu Succession Act was enacted by the Parliament of India in 1956 and was later amended in 2005. The amended Act was questioned for whether daughters will have rights on their father's property if the father dies before 2005 i.e. before amendment of the Succession Act.  The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday has given crucial judgement pertaining to the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005. The Court has ruled that even if the father dies before 9 September 2005(the date of the amendment), the daughters will share equal rights on property like that of the sons. The Hindu Succession Act, 1956 was amended in 2005 by modifying Section 6 of the Act which empowered the daughters with equal rights on father's property.  The amended Act was being questioned as people were confused whether the daughters will enjoy equal rights in case the father dies before 2005. The confusion only grew more when a bench of two judges of the Supreme Court gave two different judgement

International Headlines - firing at White House, Sexual allegations, Launching of Covid Vaccine and more

Firing took place in front of White House, Unites States of America An untoward incident of firing has been reported which took place in front of the White House while the President of United States, Donald Trump was busy in a press conference. However, the situation is now under control and President, Donald Trump has been moved to a safe place. The secret service officials of US sprang into action immediately after the firing and in their retaliation the assailant has reportedly been shot and is now under medical supervision. President, Donald Trump has thanked to the US secret service for their prompt action and taking over control of the situation.  McDonald's has sued it's former CEO Steve Easterbrook for sexual reasons World leader of fast food, the Mcdonalds has stated on Monday that they have initiated a legal action against former CEO, Steve Easterbrook for allegedly lying about sexual relationships with staffs. Steve was removed from his post in November l

Disha Salian Death - startling revelation by Mumbai Police

DCP Vishal Thakur of Mumbai Police has stated that immediately after receipt of information a police team reached the scene of incident and did necessary Panchnama in presence of Disha's parents. Disha Salian happened to be an Ex-Manager of Sushant Singh Rajput.  Mumbai police has on Sunday disqualified the claim that Disha Salian's dead body was discovered without a single piece of cloth.  DCP Vishal Thakur has enunciated that the news of finding Disha's nude dead body is totally fake and fabricated.  Disha Salian died from falling off the 14th floor of a Mumbai based building in the intervening night of 8 and 9 June 2020. Just after a couple of days, on 14 June Sushant Singh Rajput's dead body was found from his residence. These two incidents have caused enough sensation in not only Bollywood but also in the political wings of India.  Sanjay Raut, Member of Parliament, Shiv Sena has also stated on Sunday that before Sushant's death Disha Salian had com

Worldwide corona pandemic crosses 20 million infections, doubled in only 43 days

Worldwide infection of novel corona virus has reached 20 millions on Sunday last. Having detected the first Covid-19 positive case at Wuhan, China on 31 December 2019, it took 180 days for the world to reach 10 million of total infection.  Strikingly enough it took only 43 days for the next 10 millions infection throughout the world. Out of the total cases alone America, Brazil and India shares half of the world's total figure.  North America has become the most affected continent in the world. This continent has recorded more than 6 millions corona positive cases till writing of this article. A little more than 3 millions have recovered so far and the reported death cases is 2 millions. Out of this alone America shares 85% of infection.  Graphical representation of top 5 countries of North America having most number of corona infections.  Whereas South America has reported nearly 5 million corona infections having Brazil at the top. Around 3 mil

India Corona cases has crossed 22 Lacs with 44000 reported deaths

As of now India has crossed a massive 22 Lacs of corona infections. Out of this 44000 death cases have been reported with 639000 active cases.  In the last 24 hours a record number of 80000 corona positive cases have been reported which is sufficient to cause fear amongst the citizens. The situation is gradually becoming out of control. Fortunately, 15 Lac patients have been fully recovered till now although more than 6 Lacs are still active and are undergoing medical treatment. Amidst this, Karnataka Health Minister, B. Sriramulu has been found as corona virus positive. As per doctor's advice he has been admitted in a hospital and is currently under medical supervision. Sriramulu is the fifth Minister from Karnataka who has been diagnosed as Covid-19 positive.  Another Minister from Madhya Pradesh, Vishvas Sarang of the Shivraj Singh Chouhan Government has been tested positive. On appearance of symptoms he went for a test but 3 days before the report came as negative.

Reality Check - Babri Hospital at Ayodhya by Sunni Waqf Board

It is being claimed on social media that the Sunni Waqf Board is going to construct Babri Hospital on the 5 acre plot of land at Ayodhya. Scrutiny of records has revealed the reality.  The 5 acre plot of land at Ayodhya has been allotted to the Sunni Waqf Board subsequent to the judgement passed by the Supreme Court of India in November 2019.  Messages have been made viral on the social media that the Sunni Waqf Board is going to construct a hospital on the allotted plot of land at Ayodhya and will name it after Babar. It is further claimed that Dr. Kafeel Khan will be the Director of this hospital. Who is Dr. Kafeel Khan? Dr. Kafeel Khan was a lecturer at the Paediatrics Department, Baba Raghav Das Medical College, Gorakhpur. He obtained his degree of MBBS and MD (Paediatrics) from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, Karnataka. The Special Task Force (STF) formed by the UP Police arrested Kafeel Khan from Mumbai on 13 December 2019. Khan was alleged with giving hate speech