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How to raise your child to make him a genius

whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to reform" Mark Twain, American scholar How to raise your child to make him a genius What the above quote tried to convey is, you shouldn't be like millions of others but be one amongst millions. There is a predominant belief  that "a genius is born not made" but if you stick to this saying then unfortunately you have no ambition at all. Without ambition there will be no prosperity and the person with such belief will remain mediocre only. Remember, no one borns with talent, talent is a very special kind of wisdom acquired through perseverance and hard work. This article is about those hard works.  Welcome readers. Today, we shall discuss  a very important topic and that is, other than providing conventional educational system what the best can we do for faster development of our child's brain in the most effective way. The things we are going to recommend have strong psychological and scientific g

Easy and simple Chicken Butter Masala Recipe

In continuation of our easy and simple recipe series, today we have come up with one of the most desired non vegetarian dish known as  Chicken Butter Masala, an extremely popular chicken recipe amongst the children & young adults. So, let us learn the easy and simple chicken butter masala recipe.  It's a mouth watering dish with thick gravy made with tomato juice & fresh cream. Unlike thousands of available recipes available online, our recipes are always designed in such a way that even an absolute beginner can follow & cook with little effort.  Also read how to cook kacchi chicken biryani in easy steps Trivial Information:- As per story available on the search giant google, Chicken Butter Masala originated in Delhi somewhere around 1950. The story further continues that a man named Kundan Lal used to work in Moti Mahal, a dhaba then well known for tandoori dishes. They used to make a lot of tandoori chickens which were not sold to finish everyday. So, one

How learning piano may help your child's brain development

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination & life to everything" PLATO How learning piano helps your child's brain development The great philosopher Plato very rightly pointed out the above regarding music. Music has indeed an amazing capacity to bring life to everything. A good piece of music can have a lasting affect on our mind. Scientific research has established that learning music can help a child's brain development as all sorts of music are essentially some kind of creativity of one or another. This article is primarily dedicated for highlighting the benefits of learning piano.  Most parents do not bother to think what is best for their child, they just follow others. They just randomly choose a musical instrument for their child.  And the most sought after instrument is guitar, of course everybody loves that beautiful & melodious acoustic sound. Many legendary artists have composed immortal songs just with

Easy and simple Kacchi Chicken Biryani Recipe

Biryani is a Royal and famous cuisine which is loved  by one and all for it's aromatic presence. Biryani is so special that you do not need anything else with a plate of  perfectly cooked hot biryani. Today we shall learn the easy and simple kacchi chicken biryani recipe.  There are actually hundreds and thousands of biryani recipes available in various blogs & YouTube but most of them are so complicated that it's not easy to follow by the absolute beginners. We therefore have come up with an easy and simple kacchi biryani recipe which can be followed by even the first time kitchen goers. The recipe is simple but the final product will be as delicious as a good restaurant made biryani, satisfaction guaranteed. Also read easy chicken butter masala recipe for beginners Some trivial information Kacchi biryani is a special kind of biryani where the raw meat(gosht) is pressure (dum) cooked with 50-75% cooked rice. That's where the name kacchi(raw) comes from. Originally kacc

Results - Clash of the 100 Knights online chess tournament

Results of Clash of the 100 Knights.  Good Knight Chess Club is a fairly known organization for it's audacious free chess coaching and online activities. It's not unfair to enunciate that Good Knight Chess is the only such club in India who is flamboyant enough to give free chess coaching besides being a purely non profit organization. Apart from providing professional quality video chess lessons through it's Facebook Page, the club is also responsible for popularising lichess (& Google Pay up to some extent) in India. It's the first organization in India who initiated online cash prize chess tournaments in a year ago, before this, some big shots of the country tried the same in other platforms but with limited success. It is also appropriate to note that this club is also the first ever to conduct free entry Online Chess tournaments in lichess with cash prizes. On the verge of completing 100 successful chess tournaments, Good Knight Chess Club &am