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What to do if you have diabetes in pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy is quite common a problem which needs serious attention and proper health care for the mother. Women go through several bodily changes during pregnancy and many a time their blood sugar level increases. This health condition is known as Gestational Diabetes in medical terminology. Though this disease fades away completely after delivery of the baby, it may cause some serious complexity in pregnancy. 

Diabetes in pregnancy can create several negative impacts on the unborn baby. High level of blood sugar will also affect the mother's normal health. Diet becomes extremely important in case of high level of blood sugar in pregnancy. There is also high risk of immature baby and abortion for the increased level of blood sugar. 

Amongst several bodily changes, blood sugar level of women also changes in pregnancy. In some pregnant women the blood sugar level increases beyond the recommended level. Women who have gained too much weight are at high risk of Gestational Diabetes. Diabetes in pregnancy demands proper medical care, lack of which will have an adverse effect on the baby's health. 

During diabetes in pregnancy, pancreas starts to produce more insulin in the mother's body, but this insulin is unable to control the blood sugar level. This is because insulin does not pass through the placenta whereas glucose and other nutrients can pass through the placenta. Under this scenario, since the baby is receiving more energy it's blood sugar may increase up to an undesired level. High intake of sugar will produce more fats and these fats will increase the weight of the baby which subsequently increases the risk of an immature baby. 

What is placenta?

Placenta is formed in the wall of the uterus during pregnancy, placenta supplies food and oxygen to the foetus through the umbilical cord. Placenta dissolves after giving birth to the baby. All you need to know about uterus in an easy language

It is of absolute necessity to take special care for diets in case of Gestational Diabetes. Frequent checking of blood sugar level in regular intervals is required along with special attention in lifestyle and diets. Healthy diet, uniform food and a good lifestyle can control diabetes in pregnancy. 

Things to do if you have high blood sugar in pregnancy

  • Avoid taking sweetened drinks 
  • Do regular physical exercises as per suggestions of your Gynaecologist
  • For both the baby and yourself, have uniform food in timely intervals
  • Restrict eating foods which have carbohydrates and sugar

Foods to eat if you have diabetes in pregnancy

  • Fresh fruits
  • Green Vegetables
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acid
  • Milk
  • Clarified Butter (Ghee)
  • Nuts (Almond, cashew etc.)


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