Bihar boy kidnaps himself and demands ransom, didn't have good phone for PUBG

A sensational incident of juvenile crime has occurred in Patna, Bihar where a school boy has faked his own kidnap and demands a ransom of Rs. 5 lac from his own mother. The accused boy is a student of standard 10 who reads in Kendriya Vidyalaya of Patna.

On police interrogation the boy disclosed that he didn't have a good smartphone for playing PUBG. That's why he faked his own kidnap and demanded ransom from his mother. After purchasing the smartphone he wanted to take admission in a cricket academy. 

The boy named as Gaurav has revealed to the Bihar police that he is addicted towards playing PUBG and that he has made several online friends in the infamous game. Gaurav placed an online order for a 31,000 rupees smartphone, but he did not have money to make the payment. Then he came to know that his mother had applied for a bank loan of Rs. 3,50,000 and the money was already credited into his mother's account. In order to procure the money, he has faked his own kidnap. 

As per premeditated plan, he hid himself in a lodge of Purniya and called his mother for ransom from his own mobile phone. The boy Gaurav made a demand of Rs. 5 lac from his mother. He said to the police that he had expected to receive at least 3 lac from his mother. He would have purchased his desired smartphone out of the ransom money and with the balance amount he would have taken admission in a cricket academy. He has further confessed to the police that he had no associates in this plan and that he himself had made the ransom call. 

The school going boy had done quite a lot of research before executing his plan. He learned from YouTube videos that the police can not trace location if the call is made from WhatsApp i.e. internet call. But, things did not go well for the boy, the police traced his location by means of technology which the boy was unaware of. 

According to the police, financial condition of Gaurav's family is not very sound. Gaurav is the eldest of the two sons. He further stated before the police that after faking his kidnap he used to read news about the incident through internet. His mother had even given her ATM card to Gaurav as he is the eldest son but that account did not have money. While commissioning of the crime, he had only Rs. 1500 with him. 


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