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online singing contest

International Online Singing Competition 18th June to 10th July 2020

Foster brain in association with Geetimanjari has conceived an open International online singing competition which is seen as a very first of it's kind. Detail rules etc. are mentioned below.

Geetimanjari is based in Assam and is headed by Mrs. Sheela Deb a renowned singer with many crowns. 

Sheela was a part of A musical journey for world peace the biggest symphony ever recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Readers can watch the amazing video below

This beautiful symphony was conceived and directed by Rupam Sharma a Hollywood based Director also known for directing One Little Finger which has been acclaimed by many awards on international platform.

Fosterbrain one little finger

The online singing competition will be purely online right from registration, participation and disbursal of prizes. 

Prize structure will be as below including digital Certificates:-

Group A (up to Class IV) 
  • First.      : Rs. 200.00
  • Second : Rs. 100.00
Group B (up to Class X)
  • First.      : Rs. 200.00
  • Second : Rs. 100.00
Group C (Open)
  • First.      : Rs. 1000.00
  • Second : Rs.    500.00
  • Third     : Rs.    300.00
The competition shall start on 18th June and will conclude on 10th July 2020. 

Process of Registration

Interested participants will have to subscribe by email
After verifying captcha they will receive an activation link immediately in their mail box.

Having clicked this activation link their registration will be successful. 

Participants will then be able to join Foster Brain Talent Hunt for uploading their video song.

Participants are free to record their video song in whatever way they feel comfortable, they can even edit the video song for best sound quality.

There is no restriction on language of the songs. Participants are free to sing their favorite song in any language. Total 3 songs per participant will be allowed. The video songs should be uploaded before 10th July 2020.

Process of markings

  • A Panel of Judges will evaluate the performance of each participant on a scale of 50 marks for each song. For 3 songs judges total marks will be 150. Full 100% marks as evaluated by Judges will be treated as M1. 
  • Likes given by facebook users will also be counted as 5% of total likes and be treated as M2
  • Out of total share counts of individual performance 10% will be treated as M3
Final score will be calculated combining M1, M2 & M3 and accordingly winners will be declared after 10th July 2020.

To clear any doubt or clarification participants may feel free to WhatsApp at +919706268211


  1. Thank you for this opportunity !!! I will try my best, though I am not trained to sIng in anyway,

    1. Please go through the registration process carefully and register as early as possible


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