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How to get more likes and increase your social reach on Facebook

how to increase social reach
Respect is a two-way street,
If you want to get it,
You have got to give it
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How to increase your social reach

Welcome visitors. Today we are going to explain why your social reach is declining and how can you improve this phenomenon. This article will mainly focus on the popular social media giant Facebook, conceived and developed by Mark Zuckerberg. Moreover, this article is meant for the common facebookers who want to expose their expertise to a large population. 

So, how to get more likes and increase your social reach on facebook, lets learn.

It is apparent that you have made a lot of  random friends on Facebook but still you are not being able to receive sufficient response or reaction as per your expectation. Despite having a large number of Facebook friends all of your posts are simply being ignored.

So, what are the exact causes of this decline, you must have thought about this but could not yet figure it out. So, let us analyze each of the mistakes which are responsible for limiting your social reach on Facebook.

Let us begin from the beginning. 
Mistake Number 1 - Incorrect profile
The biggest mistake most people make is not giving enough attention while building their facebook profile. The first and foremost requirement is an appealing profile.

A lot of people do not understand it's importance and so their friend request are almost always turned down when the same is sent to a much influential person.

You need to understand this very carefully, whenever you send a friend request to a popular or influential person, the first thing they will do is to see your Facebook profile over their comfortable time. And if your profile is not complete or not an appealing one then every chance is that your friend request will not be accepted.

Even bigger mistake is making a profile without a human name and a human face; most people do not like this at all. Why would someone accept a friend request from someone who neither has an identifiable name nor a relatable face.

So, if you have not done it yet, please update your profile with as much valuable credentials as you can and also upload one of your nicest image on your profile. Try to show as much wisdom as you can while making the profile. 

Whatever you mention in your profile must be free from spelling and grammatical mistakes, remember, first impression is the best impression. The next mistake in profile making is use of exaggerated credentials. Try to be as genuine as possible while describing yourself. Do not forget to emphasize your credentials with links to pages or external web sites. 

Mistake Number 2 - Random selection of friends
Almost all common facebookers want to be a famous celebrity overnight and thus they send friend requests to random individuals. Their idea is to make a lot of friends so that their posts may receive thousands of likes.

This approach is totally wrong and will never work. You have to be very selective while sending friend requests, look for like-minded people who have common interests or are related with the same professional field that you are in.

This way you will be able to make a strong social network. Always remember that like-minded people makes the strongest society. This needs more explanation. So, please see the following example scenario.

You are a good singer - You can send friend requests to almost anyone as everyone likes music. But you have to be little choosy if you sing only a particular kind of songs. Suppose, you are a Ghazal singer, then people who love item songs won't appreciate you. Conversely, if you are of Honey Singh type then you know who might like you. 

You are a writer - all people who are related to education, teaching, publishing, blogging etc. may be a good selection. 

Crux of the matter is, send friend requests to those people who you think are relatable to your profile. 

Mistake Number 3 - Inability in being truly social
Look at the nice quote mentioned right at the start of this article. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States of America once said "If you treat people right, they will treat you right, ninety percent of the time".

A lot of people are there who will send friend request to you for the reasons already explained, once you accept their request they will immediately unfollow you. These people will never ever see any of your posts but still they expect you to like and share their posts.

This is actually being unsocial, if you are not ready to respect others how can you expect respect from others, this is certainly  unethical.

This is one of the most vital reason that people are ignoring your posts and are refraining themselves from reacting. Think carefully, are you ignoring others?, Are you bypassing other people's posts even if they are good? if  the answer is yes then obviously others will also ignore your posts.

And this is perfectly all right. So, this way there is absolutely no  use of social media, the whole idea of social media will collapse if people do not stop being arrogant and selfish.

You must learn to be truly social, you must learn to respect and appreciate other people's works. What harm is there if you appreciate people for their creative works.

If you always tend to like someone's meaningless posts but avoid someone's creative posts then you know it doesn't make sense at all. Respect should always be mutual.

Now, let us move to the second part. How to increase your social reach on Facebook
Do you know facebook has a very special tool which empowers you to create a page which helps to promote your brand.

Facebook page is very different in contrast to a normal personal profile. It's a very powerful tool which if used carefully then you will see some amazing results.

One of the biggest advantage of using page is you can track the actual reach of all posts in real time. 

If you are not yet a celebrity then do not make the mistake of creating your Facebook page in your own name. You will have to brand yourself wisely, you see, branding is extremely important for good  social reach.

So, instead of giving your own name it's always better to name the page as a brand. Suppose, you have an art school, then you can name your Facebook page in the name of your art schhol. 

Having created the page of your chosen brand, you will need to dress up your page with every little details like cover photo, contact details, objectives or mission and services the page will offer. 

Now comes the hard task of getting followers to your newly created Facebook page. Well, it's not that hard actually. You can invite all of your friends to like your page.

If you have around 3000 friends then 10-30% of people will accept the invitation. This actually depends on how active, creative and social you are on Facebook.

Now, you should focus on posting meaningful, innovative and creative ideas. The more creative you are the more people will follow your page. 

Always try to spread some new knowledge through your page. Here are some golden tips for maximum reach. 

Avoid posting plain texts. Texts have the lowest reach as far as a Facebook page is concerned.

Always embed one visually appealing image with the texts. Posts with images have better reach than posts without image.

Try to create some original videos with creative contents. Videos have the maximum reach. If your page has some 7000 followers than any good video will surely reach to minimum 2000-3000 people.

So, your focus should be to get as many followers as possible. Also try to engage all of your good friends to recommend your page. 

Set auto reply on messenger when people try to connect with your page. This will give a professional feeling to your visitors.

Try to reply as fast as possible to each and every comments you receive on your page. This will increase your loyalty.

If you do not react or reply to someone's comment then the person will feel bad and consequently you may loose a valuable follower. Treat every follower with great respect as they are the real assets of your page. 

So, that's all readers. If you follow all the suggestions you will surely see success. Please let us know about your experience in the comment section. 


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