How to raise your child to make him a genius

how to raise a child
whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority it is time to reform"

Mark Twain, American scholar

How to raise your child to make him a genius

What the above quote tried to convey is, you shouldn't be like millions of others but be one amongst millions. There is a predominant belief  that "a genius is born not made" but if you stick to this saying then unfortunately you have no ambition at all.

Without ambition there will be no prosperity and the person with such belief will remain mediocre only. Remember, no one borns with talent, talent is a very special kind of wisdom acquired through perseverance and hard work. This article is about those hard works. 

Welcome readers. Today, we shall discuss  a very important topic and that is, other than providing conventional educational system what the best can we do for faster development of our child's brain in the most effective way.

The things we are going to recommend have strong psychological and scientific grounds. So, please read on till the end.

Have you ever wondered why many students despite securing 95% marks in board examinations fail to crack their competitive examinations?

We have seen students both from State Board schools and renowned Central Board schools who have secured quite remarkable percentage in their board examinations, but still they have miserably failed to secure even 20% in competitive exams like JEE Mains, UPSC & others.

Isn't it unbelievable and unfortunate? yes, surely it is. The main reason for their failure is they have been taught to run after percentage right from their early kindergarten days, they have accumulated only bookish knowledge but not the real wisdom.

This fallacious practice has successfully increased the number of educated people on papers but has failed to create real human resources.

Quality should always be preferred over quantity, but the biggest problem with most parents and students is they prioritize quantity only.

There is absolutely no doubt that you are doing your best to expose your child to the best education. You might have admitted your child in a reputed school, enrolled for costly private coaching classes but still all of these attempts are ending in vain.

So, it's high time to understand one thing very clearly, securing good percentage in school examinations does not imply that the student is really intelligent and wise. Academic degree and knowledge or wisdom are very different entities. 

There are thousands of people who have academic degrees but their wisdom is so limited. So, it is easy to deduce that mere conventional education is not sufficient to produce human resources.

But, there must be some way out, otherwise no one would have become successful. Let's see, what are the best practices we can adopt which will work best for us.

We shall not take into consideration the exceptional cases, let's be practical, not every man from the most adverse situation becomes a star, these happens in rarest of rare cases. 

So how exactly we are to address the issue? 
parents duty raising a child
Let's start right from the beginning. What should the parents do when their baby is very young.
It's a very important phase, your baby hasn't yet learned to talk but he will learn to talk soon by hearing the words you utter.

Parents have to be very cautious while talking near the baby. Shouting and abusive language must be avoided.

Parents must get rid of their bad habits and marital problems and should have quality tastes in about everything. Listening good music, watching good television shows and engaging in any creative work will create a healthy atmosphere for upbringing of your cute and new born baby.

Healthy relationship and good understanding with your spouse is of absolute necessity. Only this way you will make the best family.
happy and healthy family
Now your baby has learned to utter some sweet words and also can walk a bit, he/she is about 1.5 years old now.

You can now start doing certain things for your child's brain development.

Play hide and seek, let him play with his favorite toy and then hide the toy somewhere near him but not completely hiding the act. Don't make it too hard for him otherwise he will loose interest, this fun method will stimulate his brain to think subconsciously.

Also allow him to watch cartoon programmes and play whatever he likes. Just let him enjoy his surroundings. 

When your child grows a little further and crosses 2 years of age, give him some easy jigsaw puzzles.

This will develop his cognitive skills. Start with 9 pieces puzzles first and gradually go higher depending on your child's progress. Not only jigsaw, you can actually give him any kind of puzzles which suits the age. 
Jigsaw puzzle helps cognitive ability
It's needless to mention that you will also teach him alphabets & numbers by showing some excellent and fun videos available on educational youtube channels. 

By the time your child reaches 3, admit him in a nearby playhouse.

Today's mechanical and fast professional life deprives our child to interact with other kids of same age group, the only solution of this problem is playhouse where your child will get the opportunity to meet with many other kids. 

Your child will gradually learn to make friends & become social. 
be social and make friends
Now, we are heading towards applying more serious techniques as the child is growing day by day.
The most important things to do when the child is about to reach his 5th birthday.
Introduce to your child the famous number puzzle game Sudoku. Of course you will start with some elementary Sudoku positions. This is an interesting game with partially filled squares. 

All you have to do is fill all the blank squares with digits 1 to 9. No digit can repeat itself at the cross section of any row and column.

There are also additional rules. Playing Sudoku will teach your child to be logical and to see ahead in future. Besides other games which your child loves to play, try to engage him in Sudoku as often as possible. 

Allow your child to play outside of your home and to enjoy the world with similar aged kids. 

Running, swimming, jumping in muds, playing in the rain, just allow and let them enjoy the divine age with care, always keep a close watch whenever your child is out of the home.

These acts will teach your child many a lot things about the outer world which you can not teach him at home. 
Introduce your child to the world of technology as soon as possible. Let him play some cool games on your PC or watch some fun YouTube videos.

He will gradually learn about bluetooth, WiFi, hotspot etc. without your notice. Many parents hesitate to expose their child to computers at such tender age without any concrete logic.

A child of this age won't do anything bad in computers. You can however quite easily track all of your child's activities if you are little techy. 

Also motivate him about the importance and necessity of computer programming. There are some really good computer programming courses especially designed for kids.

You will be astonished to know that some kids have done miracles in information technology without even reaching 10 years of age.

Marco Calasan of Macedonia is a computer genius who became a Microsoft certified Computer Administrator at the age of only 8 years.

Now, it is obvious that had his parents were hesitant to expose him to computers, he would not have become the youngest computer genius. 
Martial Arts of any trade is extremely beneficial for brain development. Parents are recommended to start teaching their child martial arts from as early as 6 years of age. 

Attack, defense and counter-attack are the most vital elements of Martial Arts. Training of this age old art makes the trainee super swift.

Your child will become brave enough to face hard situations in real life and will also be able to take quicker decisions in crucial moments. 

Decision making ability is not very common amongst average people, an average man always hesitates and can't really make up his mind to take a crucial decision.

So, if your child is not into Martial Arts, then hurry up, you are getting late. 
Now comes the ultimate thing which is alone capable of turning your child into a genius if started at very early age with scientific methodology.

Chess is the best resource to develop a child's brain as it is the only thing which teaches a child to think critically and to take quick decisions in less time.

It is impossible for conventional educational system to teach these things. In many countries chess is taught to childrens from a very early age of 4-5 years.

Unfortunately, in countries like India there is very little awareness about chess in most parts. It is apparent that the Royal game of Chess is the most neglected game in India with no Government interference at all.

Most people are not aware and do not understand the benefits of chess.

Despite having a giant population of 1200 Millions, India has only 64 Chess Grandmasters till date. Whereas Russia, known as the Chess Factory has an unbelievable number of 228 Grandmasters out of only 140 Millions population.

The second position is occupied by the United States of America with 94 Grandmasters out of some 340 millions population.

The figures are sufficient to show where we are in respect of Chess. Parents must understand the necessity of chess and it's benefits.

It will work like magic and will bring enormous improvement in your chilld if used properly. Just ensure that your child is learning chess in a scientific way. 
It is not easy for every parent to apply all of the above recommendations although not impossible.

None of the above recommendation requires huge effort, neither it requires a lot of finance. All that is required is to understand the values and proper application.

This is not guaranteed that the above methods will turn your child into a genius but is is guaranteed that with diligence and perseverance your child will become a real wise man and will stand out amongst the thousands of surrounding average people. 

At last but not the least, parents need to make a library of good books at home.

Even the best teacher of the world can't teach you so many things what a good book is capable of. Try to let your child make a habit of reading books right from their childhood. 

So, readers, thank you for reading up to the end. This was a long article written after many days of research.

For any clarification you can write in the comment section.

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