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Astrology and Science the untold connection

Astrology is one of the oldest practice of India which can predict future. Astrology is regarded as a study of pure science by the Astrologers and the believers throughout the country. When billions of people have faith on this ancient practice, I am nobody to question about the authenticity of Astrology. In fact, I myself being a strong believer, have studied a few books on Astrology.

It is a different matter of significance that I could not actually learn the concepts laid down in the study of Astrology. Therefore, having a rational kind of mind, I would like to put forth some questions to the Astrologers seeking their valuable comments. I am very much hopeful that my doubts will be cleared by some generous and wise Astrologers and perhaps some believers as well. 

I would like to start with the Article 51(A)(h) of the Constitution of India which states that "It shall be the duty of every citizen of India to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform".

What I have understood from the above is that the Constitution of India has asked it's citizens to develop a scientific mind and to be free from prejudices and superstitions. I further have understood that the citizens shall also develop a nature of inquiry in their mind to become more logical. When we do not develop the habit of inquiry we begin to believe all fake news being circulated in the WhatsApp University. 

But, Article 51(A) has nothing to do with astrology, because mind it, astrology is pure science. 

In the year 2001, University Grants Commission (UGC) accorded approval to the proposals of 20 Universities for introducing Astrology as a subject of study up to graduate and post graduate level. 

But, there are always some people who stand to protest every good cause. This was also no exception. 

The good decision made by the UGC was challenged in the Supreme Court of India by Pushpa Bhargava, a prominent Biologist, K. Subhash Chandra Reddy, former HOD of Political Science, Osmania University and Chandana Chakrabarti an eminent writer. Renowned Lawyer Prashant Bhushan representing the petitioners mainly argued that Astrology is not a study of science and it has never been backed by any scientific research. He further argued that unlike proven scientific truths, astrology is based on whimsical ideas and fallacies which miserably lack scientific grounds. 

Fortunately, arguments made by Prashant Bhushan on behalf of the petitioners failed to make any impact on the court's judgement. The Honourable Supreme Court of India nullified the arguments and passed order in the year 2004 in favor of the decision made by the UGC.

In it's judgement the Honourable Apex Court recorded that astrology requires study of moon, planets and other celestial bodies regarding their position, motion and distance. That, Astronomy is a pure science and astrology is partially based on the study of sun, moon and planets. Hence, astrology is also a science. 

As on date more than 40 Indian Colleges are offering degree courses on Astrology.

Now, it's time for the questions I talked about at the very beginning of this article.

Astrology is basically based on the following nine planets known as Navagraha :-

  • Sun
  • Moon
  • Mars
  • Mercury
  • Jupiter
  • Venus
  • Saturn
  • Rahu
  • Ketu

Now, Sun and Moon have been taken as planets despite they are actually star and  natural satellite respectively. Rahu and Ketu have also been taken as planets which do not have any existence as per Astronomy. So, my first question is how can the things which do not exist can influence our life?

It is a well known fact that the earth displays a magnetic behavior and also earth has gravitational force which makes everything sticking on it's surface. Now if the planets can determine our future then the earth should have been the most responsible agent. Because, we are closest to the earth than any other planets of astrology. So, my next question is why Earth has not been considered as an influencer of our future in the study of astrology?

Astrologers often say that destiny is irreversible and still they prescribe various stones to change our future, isn't it highly contradictory? Moreover, how can a piece of stone can change our destiny, does it even have an iota of scientific ground?

Study of Mathematics and science makes us reach to a conclusion by concrete and logical steps. But how do astrologers calculate one's future and come with conclusions like :-

  • Service will be better for you, business is not in your luck
  • You will get married after 35
  • You should pursue study in computers
  • You will do good in the business of garments
  • You will face hardships in coming days
  • Some of your family member will expire soon

I tried my best but could not understand  exactly which way the astrologers calculate and also by which formula they come to such kind of frivolous conclusion.

It has been on record that many astrologers have died of accident and that many astrologers have faced  severe hardships in their life. I would like to know why the people who can predict the future of others can't figure out their own future. 

Astrologers prepare horoscope of a human being based on the date  of birth and  longitude and latitude of the place of birth. Now my question is if 100 child took birth on a specific day in a big city then whether their destiny or future will be all same. Does it make sense? 

I would like to tell about a particular incident about astrology which I read a long time ago. I don't remember the name of the famous astrologer but the incident was exactly like the following. 

One famous astrologer could predict future and suggest remedial measures by studying the palm imprints of any human printed on a piece of plain paper. A renowned Rational Organization sent one such palm imprint to the famous astrologer and asked for her valuable observation. The confident astrologer diligently studied the palm imprint and made the following conclusions:-

She said that the owner of the palm is a boy child. That the boy will be left handed and has a very bright future and that he will become a big man in the society. 

She actually made some more interesting observations which I can't recall now. 

Any ways, the irony of the incident is that the palm print was actually taken from a 4 years old monkey. I believe nothing more is required.


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  2. Specially thanks to the Admin,who nicely criticised the esteemed topic..... It's also templet me to write a bit about what I think about it as well.....
    As we heard about Veda, its divided into 4 types..... But when we open up Rik Veda at the very beginning it is written that Vedanta is six types and last Vedanta is Jyotish.......
    That's means Jyotish sastra is there from oldest epic Veda...... 🙂
    It is also said in Epic Mahabharata and Jaya, Sahasev was very good in calculation on nakhchatra..... Before kurukhetra sahadeva gave a statement about what would happen after it and what should we do as a precaution... Thus proved something is the related to Jyotish in this indian epic...
    In Islamic epic a Sura is there where it is written that people may get effected by Nakhchatra, and Nakhchatra helps too
    knowing about the future is prohibited in Islam, because it leads people to fear....
    If we think over the seas Spain and italy, they claim they are the oldest nationality which believe in Astrology........

    Thus here is proved Astrology is there which is very effective and place a very vital role in human past, present and future but now a days astrologers have become very good successful business men rather than knowing their subject very well....
    No red dress, No tilac No any idol is required to know the subject and deliver it to others
    We can't judge a Sastriya by looking into practioner s........ 🙂


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