Why are blogs better than social media

Advantages of writing a blog article (why are blogs better than social media)

Welcome visitor. Before you read this article, I would like to ask you the following questions:-
  • Do you have specialized knowledge on any single trade or multiple trades?
  • Are you able to express your specialized knowledge and beautiful ideas in writing?
  • Do you love writing on social media?
If your answer to the above questions is a big Yes then you have come to the right place. This article is exactly for you. I will explain why should you write a blog article instead of posting on social media apps. 

So, you are a person with immense knowledge who can skillfully express the acquired knowledge in writing.

Now the million dollar question, are you writing on the right platform and for the right audience?

Whenever you write something on social media your post gets liked by hundred of your followers. You must be happy with that because not everyone is lucky enough to receive that much of likes. 

But, let us learn the reality. Many people who are giving like to your article have actually not read the article. They are reacting to your articles for apparently no reason at all. 

Most importantly, your post never reaches to all of your followers. Your post actually reaches to around 20% of your total followers only.

Even if your post is shared many a time you will always have a limited reach. This happens because your followers are not following you only.

They are following many other pages and also they belong to a lot of online social groups. Because of this the timeline of your followers are filled with numerous posts.

This is why your post does not reach to all of your followers and gets lost midway.

Well, if you are a celebrity then you need not care at all for these things and also this article is obviously not for you.

Because, a celebrity is in no need  to write quality articles, all he or she requires to do is post some meaningless and rubbish selfie which will attract millions of smart Indian people. 

Hrithik Roshan tweeted "lovely karan" in reply to one of tweet by Karan Johar. Do you know how many people loved this tweet? Unbelievably many thousands.

This is the tragedy of social media and at the same time it is also very unfortunate. Smart Indian People are always inclined to flatter influential people and totally ignore quality people who are not influential.

So, let us assume that you are not a celebrity yet or are you?

So, we can conclude that you are a good writer and your posts are liked by a few hundred people.

But what is after that? Your hard work gets lost amidst the billions of other post and will remain unnoticed.
Have you ever thought to address this problem and increase your reach? I mean, do you have any plan to preserve your write up. 

Tell me one thing, how do you use internet to extract information of any kind. Suppose you want to know Basics of psychology in simple language, then what will you do? 

You will go to our friend Google and search for the phrase of required words.

Google will instantly show you the best related web sites and visiting them you will be presented with articles written by some smart writers. 

Now, you see, you are never going to search for write up or article on social media, instead you will search it on Google. 

So, you have to understand it very carefully that
  • Social media does not guarantee that people are actually reading your article
  • Social media will always limit your reach
  • Your article will reach to a very small set of people and most importantly the same set of people always
  • You will not get new and unique readers
  • Your articles which are result of hard work are not searchable over the Internet
So, you can conclude that neither social media is the right platform for writing articles nor social media let you enjoy the right audience. 

You may argue that you have the right audience but believe me it's not. Because, look for once at your followers. 

They are from different culture, different language, different educational background and different taste of course. 

Another common mistake of using social media  is to write in regional language, which instantly limits your reach.

How would a person with different mother language will read your article if you have written it in your language which is different than that of your reader. 

So, you just do not enjoy the right audience on social media. 

Here comes the crucial point that you should actually write a blog article in some web site instead of wasting your talent on wrong platform and before an absolute wrong audience. 

Look at the benefits you are going to get for writing in a web site.

Advantages of writing a blog article:-
  • All of your articles will be preserved in a web server and will be accessible at any time
  • Your articles will also be managed in month wise archives for easy access
  • You will have a global platform which will ensure a vast number of audience throughout the world
  • Your reach will increase by many a times as the articles will be shown in Google search result pages
  • Most importantly only those people will be presented with your articles who search for it
  • You will have the absolute right audience for your articles
  • You will also be able to share the link to your articles on any platform which will be an additional advantage
Now you would ask about the cost to set up a web site or blog.

Let me assure you that this is really very cost effective. In fact, you do not have to spend a single rupee to start a blog and start writing straightaway. 

There are some pretty cool and quality services offered by the great Google for absolutely free of cost. 

One such kind of free service is Google blogger. It is much easy to set up your own blog in blogger. You can actually start a blog in an unbelievable time of just 30 minutes. 

Once you have set up your own blog you can start expressing your brilliant ideas in writing blog posts and make it online in no time. 

New bloggers ask frequently, how can I view posts in my blog?

It's probably the easiest thing to see your blog posts. Do any of the following:-
  • Inside blogger click "view blog"
  • If you have set up custom domain then type in your cuatom domain name in the browser and hit enter
  • Else, type your blogspot name (eg. myblog.blogspot.com) in your browser and hit enter
Still if you require any technical help, I am ready to help you for free with no condition at all. 

I also offer you to write for foster brain. You can submit your article for publication in this web site.

If your article can pass quality check it will be published immediately with your name and profile as author of the article.

So that's all for now, thanks a lot for visiting my web site and reading this article with great patience.

You can subscribe this web site by email to not miss any of our future articles. 



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