What is uterus, know your uterus in the most simple language

What is uterus learn in simple language

Welcome to fosterbrain.com dear visitors. Today, I will be telling about uterus the dream abode of every women.

You will get to know many unknown facts about the most important part of your body.

I will explain what is uterus, how uterus works and how can you take best care of it in simple and fun manner. You will be able to learn your uterus in the most charming way.

Intention of this article is to spread knowledge and create awareness in easy language.

Each and every women of this universe dreams of motherhood. Your uterus is the safehouse of an angel which is placed in your lower abdomen, deeper in the deepest of your body.

Uterus weighs only 2 ounce and 3 inches in length. It has got an amazing capacity to change it's weight and size. From just 2 ounce it can go up to 2 pounds and from 3 inches to 30 inches. Isn't it incredible?

If you are a women you should be proud of yourself because you are blessed with the most powerful organ.

Muscles of your uterus are extremely strong, the strongest man of the world is just no match with it's power.

Even the strongest man could see the lights due to the power of these muscles. 

After giving birth to a child the uterus starts to reshape in one week and comes back to it's original size and shape in six weeks. 

Every women is spiritually connected with lunar cycle which is about a length of 28 days. Women have to pass through a menstrual cycle of 4-5 days in every 28 days.

Indian women are accustomed to keep them away from social rituals during the menstrual cycle. They are taught that during this cycle they become impure and hence should not participate in social rituals.

This is totally illogical, biased and a dominating idea Incorporated by the men-centric society. Today's women should be free from prejudices and superstitions, they must take a stand against this. 

Right after the first menstruation uterus begins to decorate itself waiting for the prince charming or the male sperm during 12-15th days of every month. 

During these 12-15th days of every month princess egg cells known in medical terminology as ovum or oocytes come out from ovary to welcome the prince male sperms. 

But the waiting does not fulfill in absence of the male sperm and it shouldn't till a women acquires recommended age of 18 or till she gets married. 

This unsuccessful waiting makes the uterus sad and hence it begins to cry for 3-4 days in the form of blood. This cycle continues till conceiving a new life. 

The uterus never gives up hope and keeps on decorating itself every month for the prince sperms. Your uterus has to face this cycle for around 400 times right from the start of first menstruation to menopause.

Many a times some newly married women faces irregular menstruation in small quantities during pregnancy.

This may happen if the women doesn't know that she has actually conceived and thus doesn't take proper care.

Common symptoms of pregnancy are, nausea, acidity, pain in abdomen & waist, headache etc.

Taking medicines under these symptoms without consulting a doctor may turn out to be dangerous.

This is the reason behind irregular menstruation. You are torturing your uterus with careless medicines and so the uterus warns you by irregular menstruation in small quantities.

And when you visit to your doctor, it may already become too late. 

So, whenever a women undergoes the above symptoms or any unusual changes, she must immediately consult with a gynecologist. And she also must refrain from taking medicines without registered doctor's advice. 

A simple urine test can also be done in your home to clear your doubts. Urine test kits are available in your nearest pharmaceuticals at a cost as cheap as Rs. 50-100 only. 

Doctors say, first child is the most important, it's not just a VIP but more than that. It's actually a VVIP.

Nowadays due to several unknown factors the infertility rate is increasing day by day. May be irregular lifestyle, pollution, food habits are contributing.

Hence, the doctors suggest that married couple should not delay for their very first child. 

You remember that lunar cycle of 28 days? During the middle of this cycle that is 12th to 15th days, your ovaries get ready to pass egg cells or ovum to the uterus through the fallopian tube.

Ovaries are actually situated outside the uterus and are placed on the two sides of your lower abdomen.

Due to some amazing mechanism, ovaries produce ovum and pass to the uterus during this 12-15 days period.

Look at the following image. The lower black passage is vagina, the middle triangular shaped part is the uterus. The balloon like organs on both sides of the uterus are the ovaries. And the chords connected with the ovaries are the fallopian tube. 
What is uterus fallopian tube
On the other hand male testes produces crores of sperms in semen which reaches the entrance of the palace through the vagina.

Not all these sperms in crores can actually make it to the ovum which is waiting for the right prince inside the fallopian tube. 

The sperms kind of indulge in fight with each other to win the race and to finally reach the princess ovum.

It takes the sperms only 45 minutes to cover a distance of 7-8 inches to reach to the princess waiting inside the fallopian tube.

But wait, you remember I said crores of sperms? Yes that's right, out of so many sperms only 50-60 prince can actually reach near the princess for the final fight. 

And finally the best prince wins the battle and also the princess, it now enters inside the egg cell or the ovum. 

Union of these egg and sperm forms a zygote or a fertilized egg cell. Just within a few hours a new life is born.

This newly formed  zygote begins to divide itself rapidly from 1 to 2 cells, then 2 to 4, 8, 16 etc. and the process continues in even numbers. The zygote has now become an embryo.

But, how can the embryo stay in such a narrow space like fallopian tube, so out of some supernatural command and within 4 days the embryo finally enters the uterus for staying there for 280 days. 

Gradually the embryo or the baby becomes a fetus in 8 weeks inside your uterus. 

The uterus now becomes busy in upbringing of the baby and so it stops crying like it used to do every month in the form of blood. 

I already have said that the uterus is a kind of hollow muscle of just 3 inches length. It can accommodate only 1-2 spoon of liquid substance. 

Muscle of the uterus is always in the process of contraction very very lightly, which you can not feel. You can say that the uterus is dancing out of happiness due to it's new guest. 

But you know this happiness of the uterus is dangerous for the baby as it can fall outside due to the continuous vibration.

And falling outside of the uterus so early means death. But no need to worry, here comes the savior progesterone which is secreted by your ovaries to keep the uterus calm and cool. 

Progesterone begins to work as soon as the ovaries release egg cell or ovum.  

This progesterone is extremely important for the uterus, it actually supports and makes the uterus ready for the long and  heavy-duty. 

Uterus provides all the necessary food to the baby through umbilical cord also known as naval string.

There is also one organ named placenta (flower) which is developed inside the uterus during pregnancy.

Placenta is responsible for supplying oxygen and other necessary nutrients to your baby. It also removes the wastes from your baby's blood.

The umbilical cord or the naval string arises out of this placenta. 

The baby will reside inside your uterus for exactly 10 lunar cycles or 10x28 = 280 days. The uterus does so many things for the safety of your baby that you can not even imagine.

Uterus is actually the real mother who cares for her baby continuously for a long period of 280 days without taking a single break. 

This placenta (known as garbha phool) looks like a flatten dish, it's around 8 inches in diameter. Till birth of the baby this placenta takes responsibilities for the works of lung, kidneys and liver etc. 

Now, dear readers this article is becoming longer than I expected. So I have decided to break it into two parts. 

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